# Sleeping in the yacht?

No worry.

The yachtstay is already very common travel culture worldwide. 


 Q1) Is it legally managed? 

   A) In Korea, a new law, 'marina boat chartering business', is in effect for a boating industry. People can charter and stay in the yacht. And yachts got safety inspection and liability insurance. 


Q2) Are we sleeping on the sea? 

   A) No, you will stay in the yacht located in the marina with secure mooring. 


 Q3) Does the yacht roll too much on the sea? 

   A) The yacht raley rolls in fine weather, because it is moored in the dock, marina. Just in cast of storms and bad weather, it may roll a little. 


 Q4) Isn't it so hot or cold inside? And can we use hot water? 

   A) A heater works in the winter and air-conditioner work in the summer. And  you can use hot water to wash. 


Q5) Can we put our luggage in daytime? 

   A) You can check-in after 2:00 pm and leave your luggage at the yacht. And you will come back after 20:00 pm for dinner. If you choose a yacht tour, you can come back at 18:00 for the yacht night tour and dinner. 

Q6) Do you have any cooking ware and bath supplies? 

   A) Amenities vary by each yacht. 

   Cooking ware - micro wave, water boiler, knife, spoon, chapstick, cups, glasses, etc provided 

   Bath supplies - shampoo, rinse, body shower, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel 2, etc provided